Alert your guardians of any uncomfortable situations silently.

Your smartphone is your weapon. USE IT!

The Truth About Women Safety In India

  • Crimes against women reported every two minutes in India.
  • 84,222 registered cases of assault in a year.
  • Sexual assault occurs every 22.5 minutes in India.
  • 36,735 registered cases of rape in the year 2014.
  • Kidnapping and abduction of women are up 264% over the past ten years.
  • About 71% of crimes go unreported.

How Does Sawdhaan Help?

Sawdhaan collects various information from the phone/user’s surroundings and sends the data to the guardians.

Silent Trigger

We don’t have time to unlock the phone and locate the app during an emergency, that’s why Sawdhaan can be triggered silently using either of the volume buttons.

Information Collection

Sawdhaan takes note of your location, surrounding voice and both the cameras. Making sure that the guardians can reach you timely without any hassle.

Continuous Function

Sawdaan Calls the primary guardian automatically and 2 other guardians receive information every 5 minutes, keeping them updated on the current situation.

Crime Against Women Is Reported Every 2 Minutes In India

Sawdhaan can be used by everyone and can be helpful in a variety of situations, however, the primary focus of making sawdhaan is WOMEN SAFETY.

Alerting Guardians Was Never So Quick And Easy

We analyzed all the SOS and women safety apps in the android market and read reviews too. Almost every app requires users to unlock the phone and locate the app before sending the SOS signals. The reviews on the apps required the developers to add something that is quicker than that as in emergency user might not be able to do that.

We listened to those reviews and incorporated an easy trigger to the volume buttons that let the user activate Sawdhaan and send the SOS signals instantly and silently.

How Does Sawdhaan Work

Once the Sawdhaan App is triggered it starts collecting some important information like Location of the user, Surrounding voice and a picture from the selfie camera. This all information is then compiled in a report and is sent to up to 3 guardians as SMS. The primary guardian also receives a call from the user’s mobile. An email with the compiled report is also sent to the registered address.This operation continues every 5 minutes until manually stops.

All this information can be used to track the victim’s location and unravel the probable emergency they are in.

In The News
‘Sawdhaan’ is India’s first Artificial Intelligence based application that might put women’s woes to rest.. Indiatimes

While many apps developed for this purpose fail on functionality, Sawdhaan promises timely action. Thehindu

It is India’s first Artificial Intelligence-based application which may put an end to the greatest distress of every woman. Wittyfeed

“Sawdhaan” will play a significant role in combating the issue of Women Harassment and giving a hope to women in distress. Herexpertise

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