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We would love to hear your thoughts about sawdhaan. Drop us a line if you have any suggestion, complain or a feedback.

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Satak Support

79, Sector 10, Shastri Nagar

Meerut, India

Frequently Asked Questions

We have copiled a list of frequently asked questions. We’ll be adding more as we get more feedback.

Is Sawdhaan Funded By Some Corporate?

No, the project Sawdhaan is not funded by any corporate or any other source yet. So far this is a self funded operation by Satak Support. However, We are open for any collaboration opportunity.

Why Is Sawdhaan Not Free?

As mentioned earlier, we are not funded by any ource. In order for us to keep Sawdhaan operational (servers, SMS cost, development and support) we need to gemerate revenue through the app.

How Much Does Sawdhaan Cost?

Sawdhaan app is a monthly subscription app. We wanted to keep the prices low so that everyone can benefit from it and we could keep it operational too. The subsnriptiom price is just INR 20/mo.

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